Welcome to Atomic City Voice Studio! Here is a little bit about my studio:

I primarily teach high school-age, college-age, and adult students, however, mature younger students may be accepted under special circumstances. For Fall 2018, I will only be accepting new students that are middle-school age or older.

Students will have one 30-minute trial lesson before beginning weekly lessons. If we both decide to continue, we will schedule weekly 30 minute or 60 minute lessons.

I believe regular practice at home and goal-setting are important aspects to a successful vocal learning experience and it is so important for everyone to be on the same page when we begin this process. After our first lesson, I will send students home with a contract outlining the expectations, payment policies and methods listed below.

Lesson Expectations

Please arrive on time. You may quietly enter the studio, even if I am finishing up with another student, and be a good audience member until your lesson time comes.

Be prepared. Come with a pencil, your music in a binder or folder and with some water. Be mentally ready to learn as well. Readying your brain for a lesson can increase productivity immensely!

Lastly, have fun! There will be times when we forget why we chose to sing in the first place. Always try and remind yourself that this is fun and something that brings joy to your life!


Practice Expectations

Learning how to practice on your own is an invaluable skill that we will work on together. But in order to learn how to practice properly, you have to (guess what?) practice! I expect my students to practice at least 3-5 times a week. I promise the time you spend practicing will “make or break” how effective our time is together. I may ask you to keep a practice journal at some point along the way.


Weekly Lesson Rates

30-minute lessons: $25.00

60-minute lessons: $45.00


Payment Policy

Weekly Payment: Lessons may be paid on a weekly basis in which case the student will be expected to bring payment to each lesson. Lesson rates are listed above.

Monthly Payment: Lessons may be paid on a monthly basis during the school year. This payment would be up front (paid by the 10th day of each month) and would cover 4 lessons. Cancelled lessons (that follow the cancellation policy stated below) may be made up during that month if schedules allow. Any cancelled lessons that are not made up within that month will rollover to the next month.

A special deducted price will be available if paying monthly (see below).

30-minute lessons: $95.00 for 4 lessons

60-minute lessons: $170.00 for 4 lessons

Students may switch from monthly to weekly and visa versa at any time with adequate notification. (This may be advisable during unusual/busy months - i.e. December).


Payment Methods

I accept cash, check or PayPal (PayPal.Me/emilyyblack). PayPal may also be accessed through my website at emilyyocumblack.com under in the “Atomic City Voice Studio” tab under “Pay”.


Late Payment Charge

Weekly payments are expected by the end of the lesson and monthly payments are expected by the 10th day of each month. The first late payment will not be incurred a penalty fee. After the first late payment, a $5 penalty fee will be added to that week’s payment. If monthly lessons are not paid by the 10th day of each month, then the 5% deduction will not be valid.


Cancellation Policy

Students will be expected to contact me via email, text or call 24 hours in advance of a cancelled lesson (due to illness, family emergency, etc.). If students know of weeks they will be gone in advance (i.e. vacation), please indicate that early on so we can try to find make-up lesson times.

If 24 hours is not given before a cancelled lesson (i.e. forgot), a $10 penalty fee will be added to that lesson and should be paid by the end of the month.

Emergencies do occur and if a lesson is missed due to an emergency, no fee will be incurred.

Everything stated above in the cancellation policy also applies to me. I will let you know 24 hours in advance of an unexpected cancelled lesson. I will also let you know of any days I will be out of town in advance and will work with you to find make-up lesson times if desired.

If more that 5 cancelled lessons occur in a semester, a meeting will take place between student, parent/guardian, and teacher to discuss options going forward.


Accompaniment Fee

There may be intermittent accompaniment fees throughout the year before recitals, master classes, studio classes or other performance opportunities to help subsidize the cost of a quality pianist for our studio. These fees will be made known to the student and parent/guardian well in advance.



Refunds may be granted if a student decides to halt study midterm. This will be assessed on an individual basis.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at emilyyocumblack@gmail.com or 270-816-2476.